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When OVG Real Estate was founded in 1997, we were the first in real estate to introduce a bold new vision around the future of buildings, turning sustainability from a benchmark to a given. In the years that followed, we introduced technologies that made buildings both smarter and healthier.

Fast forward to the present, and in 2018 we introduced EDGE Technologies, a real estate technology company dedicated to serving the world with better buildings. We took the technology that we’d introduced years before and made it our hero, updating, upgrading and building it into buildings everywhere.

OVG Real Estate is still in the background; and acts as EDGE Technologies’ holding company. This means that all of our projects past and present will now fall under EDGE itself.

Excited by this change, we will continue to work with the same dedicated teams and partners, and our mission—to make the built environment greener, smarter and healthier. It is our dedicated international team who make this possible, creating superior buildings that actively contribute to the health of people and the world.

EDGE operates from offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and New York. All information about EDGE, including our projects, news and company updates can be found on edge.tech.

Thank you to all those who have followed and supported our journey so far. We are excited to continue to make a difference in the real estate sector – with the same vision, under our new name and company.

Coen van Oostrom
Founder & CEO EDGE Technologies

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